Boys to Men

The Lost Art of the Rite of Passage

Boys to Men is a book and a work, born from a desire to provide and equip father and their sons, as well as young men, with the vision, path and tools to be a specific kind of man; the kind of man this culture desperately needs.

Boys To Men - The Book

Boys To Men - The Lost Art of the Rite of Passage is about one man's journey...most likely some parts of which will be familiar to your experience. Your experience in growing into an adult male may not have been as challenging and destructive as mine was. Maybe your experience was more challenging and destructive as mine was.

My 20 years of personal coaching and pastoral care, have given me perspective. My awareness was a progression:

  • My life was pretty normal (ignorance)
  • My life was not so normal and kind of destructive (emerging awareness)
  • My life was a total mess, how did I ever make it this far (full awareness)
  • My life wasn't nearly as difficult as the what some others have endured (perspective)

This book is the culmination of life experience, mine and that of many others, lots of research and observation. The catalyst for this book was becoming a father to two sons. I believe no matter what your experience was, the nurturing you experienced, the conditioning you have received, the habits you have developed, Boys To Men will either give you hope, or make you thankful. Either one of those two outcomes are pretty good!