Boys to Men

The Lost Art of the Rite of Passage

Boys to Men is a book and a work, born from a desire to provide and equip father and their sons, as well as young men, with the vision, path and tools to be a specific kind of man; the kind of man this culture desperately needs.

Boys To Men - The Goal


Every worthwhile endeavor begins with a goal - a clearly defined outcome that guides your actions, energy and focus. My goal was clear in my mind. The challenge was not unique to me, and change would not create a catalyst unless there were a lot more men besides me, that cared enough to make the sacrifices to change themselves, and create a compelling vision for the future of their sons. Boys to Men sets out to achieve the following goals:

  • Knowledge (it's necessary)
  • Inspiration (you need it to get started)
  • Motivation (you need it to finish well)
  • Tools (you need them to get the job done)

BOYS TO MEN resets the definition of what being an accountable, responsible, mature man is, and provides a clear image of what a “bulls eye” looks like.