Boys to Men

The Lost Art of the Rite of Passage

Boys to Men is a book and a work, born from a desire to provide and equip father and their sons, as well as young men, with the vision, path and tools to be a specific kind of man; the kind of man this culture desperately needs.




Strong in character and tender in nature;

Courageous at heart and compassionate in deed;

Gentle in speech, but confident in action;

Meek in his attitude, but tenacious in his convictions;

He lives life fully, but selflessly, putting himself second to all things important;

He loves his wife second only to his God;

He will lay his life down for his family and friends, this man leaves no one behind;

He lives with a purpose larger than his life;

He is a values-driven man whose name is beyond reproach;

 He is known for his integrity;

His wife adores him, his kids honor and respect his, his friends trust and admire him.

He is a man of his word.