What do you do as a dad (or father figure) in this 21st Century, Post-Modern era, if you want to raise your son to be the kind of man you can be proud of?


That’s a more difficult question to answer than you might think.  Welcome to BOYS TO MEN – The Lost Art of the Rite of Passage.  The goal of Boys To Men is simple:


Provide men information, inspiration and a plan to lead their sons to be responsible, accountable, mature men in the 21st century.

BOYS TO MEN - What is it?

Boys To Men - The Lost Art Of The Rite Of Passage is an important BOOK!  We live in a complex world that sends many confusing messages to adolescent boys, about what a man does, what a man is, what he looks like, and how he behaves. This is has been going on for decades, resulting in the generational decay of manhood.  We have lost our way in America, and what it means to be a man has been hijacked in the process. Every segment of our culture, from professional sports, to politics, to media, to government, has lowered the standard.  What it means to be a man has not simply been redefined, but rather it has been

undefined. Redefined would infer that there is a

clear definition, but there is not. With the absence

of a clear target, we have found ourselves all over

the board, with very few hitting the “bulls eye”

of real manhood.

“A year from now you’ll wish you had started today!” – Robert Schuller

The goal of BOYS TO MEN is to provide you with:


a) Knowledge (it's necessary),

b) Inspiration (you need it to get started),

c) Motivation (you need it to finish well) and,

d) Tools (you need them to get the job done).


BOYS TO MEN resets the definition of what being an accountable, responsible, mature man is, and provides a clear image of what a “bulls eye” looks like.


Boys To Men; take a quick look at the chapter topics.


BOYS TO MEN is more than just a book though.  It includes a Father's Planner to map his son’s journey.  It includes a Son's Journal to record his experiences.  It's a complete plan, a "how to" for a father.  As a well read guy with a lot of former business training background, I know that knowledge by itself is not helpful - you simply become an educated derelict.  Knowledge applied on the other hand, is powerful! Boys To Men will move fathers beyond reading and idealizing; just wishful thinking…Boys To Men will inspire them to act!